What makes a strong mind?

Even though I am in my late thirties, I feel that the way I speak and behave act like a young kid. I understand I won’t grow up overnight, but what exactly makes a strong mind? Any input is highly appreciated and seriously considered.

Free weights or push-ups. The mind needs exercise to keep it sharp and healthy and working fine. Just like you need to exercise your body to keep it running good.

Me too…
But recently I feel I’m growing so fast I might catch up with the rest of the ppl my age one day.
One big piece of advice I can give you or anyone trying to grow mentally is this: Find what you can love and pursue it. Because you start to act according to your own passion, so you won’t care what other ppl think about you. You are your own guide, and so you won’t have second thoughts after someone said something to you. You can also make decisions because you know what’s good for you and what’s not.
You might think this is too simple, but what is a strong mind? I think it’s something that’s not affected much when under stress. Alot of stresses come from ppl and how to interact with them.
So if you know how to be yourself, you can pass through most of what other ppl say to you. Remember, most ppl don’t know you, and anything negative they say is not directed to you but anyone they can. To me, ppl who listen to such things have weak minds. It’s like they fall down from their own free will.

Ideally though, we need to stop black and white thinking and become able to take a meaningful life. Strong doesn’t always mean happy and weak might not cause much problems for some ppl, depending on their circumstances.

Our hands? Umm… I think our hands are reflexed better in our brains than that of our legs. Thank you for the suggestion.

Simple but complex. It is complex because I don’t know what I am passionate for.
Difficult task for me at the moment. I’ll think about it again.
Thank you for your valuable input.

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  1. a tough childhood ( abusive parents )
  2. having mental illness and not helped…so you have to deal with it yourself
  3. if you recognize other peoples pain…and their pain comes first…you learn to control your own pain…compassion :heart:
  4. teaching yourself ’ not ’ to be afraid :scream:
    take care :alien:

My pdoc asked me how I manage hearing voices. I remarked “I am the king of me” This something I have had since I was 7yo.

Then there was a trigger, everything blew up. I was aware I had voices, but did not know how to deal with them. It put me into a “rage” because I had lived without them for since the trigger.

What the voices say to you, means nothing unless you act on them. Which I don’t, mean much to me, I may listen to a voice and ignore it or I may listen if it is reasonable. A I can say its like a vetting process, if the voice is something that will cause discomfort or danger I will avoid it.