What kind of nuts do you like?

What taste? Which size?

I like walnut the best its a nice snack and is an irreplaceable cooking ingredient. I hate sweet nuts like cashews. i heard people like those hairy nuts… called coconut but they arent actually nuts are they?

Like them honied and sweet coated
Or smokey roasted

I like them schizo with a tad bit of bi polar


Schizoaffective nuts. Aha


My fave are pine nuts, I use them a lot in food but I also like to snack. :smiling_imp:

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I just bought two pounds of praline coated pecans. So good.

Brazil nuts salted, Macadamia nuts dry roasted

Cashews, pistachios, honey or smoke flavoured roasted peanuts.


:chestnut:…i am a nut.
take care :alien:

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Uhh , I like all kinds of nuts. Peanuts are my favourite.

Japanese peanuts for sure and the honey roasted ones are good, too. I like adding lime and hotsauce to regular peanuts, gives it a tangy flavor type thing.

we have something called Kri Kri in Beirut. Peanuts covered in sesame paste :woman:

That looks goooood :smile:

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The two under the mistletoe (?).

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