What kind of coffee do you drink?

6 for a bag of Seattles best from Walmart.

Mocha iced coffee, mostly because I can’t handle hot drinks and I love chocolate.

i drink mellobirds by nestle its proper smooth xxxxx

Folders House blend :slight_smile:

my glass kettle for my machine shattered, so im drinking instant coffee. various brands

I just drink black coffee. I don’t add cream or sugar to it. I have high blood sugar and I don’t want to get diabetes and have my legs amputated. I hope I don’t get it but the medicine that I take has a side effect of diabetes

I usually get iced coffee with cream

What kind of coffee you got?

Nescafe mainly. Been on this weird ice coffee thing for years now. Just cold water coffee and milk.

I get a different kind of coffee every time I go to the store. I have five different kinds right now, and I like three of them.

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nescafe without sugar or coffeemix.

Just drinking coffee now …

I drink cheap instant coffee, cold with no sugar. I only put in a little of the powder bcoz im hypersensitive to caffeine. I drink coffee rarely, sometimes it makes my symptoms act up.

The hot ‘n’ brown kind~ just a bit of cream in it.


Anything with Caffeine. But I prefer a light roast. Instant is fine. Brewed is better.

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Turkish coffee.i drink at least 5 small cup per day.turkish coffee known as not diabetic coffee thats mean its preventing diabet

I like to have a latte twice a week, but the best coffee I have ever had was in the US. It was just plain filtered coffee at Applebee’s but I loved it. I love the half half milk they give you with it too.

I also like the sodas in the US. Can’t wait to go back for more.

I had once some great strong coffee in a rain forest village in Venezuela, well that was almost 20 years ago, in Nov 1996, the village was in the coffee region of Venezuela. It was fun to be there.


I don’t drink coffee, English tea is all.