What is your temperature

I have here minus 28 celcius (-18 f) and I feel no cold, I am wearing my Canada Goose Jacket,


Here in California it has been in the low seventies to upper sixties these last few weeks. I wear a short-sleeve t-shirt most days. It has only rained about two or three times this whole winter .People are talking about a possible drought.

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It’s 28 degrees Fahrenheit here in south Texas. We’re getting freezing rain for the first time I can remember. Stay warm everyone!



It is a sunny 33 Celsius in Pretoria South Africa

Here in Seattle, it’s 50 degrees and foggy. I’m hoping this fog lifts for the weekend. I can surf in rain and other mild gust ups but surfing in fog never feels safe for me.

7DegreesC (46DegreesF) it is freezing! I’m in UK.

Here in the Atlanta metro, it’s 10 degrees F. I should go check on husky!

1 degree Fahrenheit this morning In southern Missouri. My kitchen water pipes are frozen again.

From the country Ridgerunner

6 degrees with wind chill 10 to 15 below. The kids have a 2 hr delay here in PA.

9 degrees celsius in my part of the uk. doesn’t feel like winter at all except for a bit of a charpy breeze. 60 mph winds and rain forecast for the weekend but hey at least the cloud cover keeps the temperature up.

It is -18 in my area. :snowman:

8c. It could be worse.

It is 42 where i live in Florida high today is 51. Tomorrow it will be in the 60s

It’s 16 degree Celsius where I live. Not too cold. Great for hiking.

its 30F here…abnormally cold for the south, it gets hot as hell in the summer here, like 100F for weeks

It’s -12 C here in Ontario, Canada. -24 with the wind chill factor. -11 F. A little cold :wink:

It is 28 degrees here with 5 inches of snow. It is light and fluffy.

It’s 23 f in North Carolina

10c ireland…mild…for winter

75 and sunny here in Phoenix. Broke a record of 80 earlier in the week.