What is your passion?

Sorry if there has already been plenty of topics on this subject, but I could use some inspiration.
So what is your passion?
I have a Hard time finding anything interesting, and I blame the olanzapine

Coming up with ideas.

I’ve never felt so attached to a love interest that got away. I have had two ideas get away. It bothers me. The ideas that got away. It’s the absolute worse. The first was a way to reform the criminal justice system and the second one was a South American ideology. They just clicked. Then they got away.

I suppose i like being in a state of flow. Whether thats from working,exercising or studying, paperwork etc. It helps me feel relaxed after it and alsodistracts me from my problems. I dont think sitting around is for me even though its very comfortable

I have many passions: God, prayer, piano practice, yoga, meditation, reading, Spanish language apps and tutoring, books and magazines, the internet,, volunteering, art and music history and appreciation, classical piano music, my friend, my family, sweets, my apartment, good massages, Netflix and YouTube premium.

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There are some things I enjoy but I don’t feel like I have a passion.

All things creative and arty.

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