What is your one wish?

Like maybe a lot of people, not having schizophrenia-
having peace of mind, not having people in my body, or harrassed by them and having privacy, not having panic/anxiety attacks, not being exposed to unsavory characters, not having intrusive thoughts,
being able to swallow and breathe


I wish all those things too. Overall good physical and mental health.

Not To Sound Egotistical OR Anything ,

SInce Onli One , I Shall , …

World Peace .

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The voices pllleassss stop already

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Are you willing to take action on your wish?

If you knew that particular actions you could take had a high probability of making (SOME of, maybe not all) your wishes come true, would you take those actions?

How is life working for you if all you do is… wish?

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Betta Then Being Negative 110% Of Our Shared T(Y)me …

I guess my wish is unattainable because it has not been answered for the longest time.

Honey, I don’t wish. I take action.

Thank you.

Are wishes attainable if we just wish?

Would it increase the odds if one took some action?

and ALSO ,

If One Chooses With His/Her Own Standards Of Personal Approval ,

A Wish Can/Could Be Tha Start Of Something Magical ,

AND Awesome ,

It Starts With One …

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You need medication and absolutely no stimulants for them to be gone.

That means no coffee, smoking or chocolate for you.

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You know what ? ■■■■ you and your genie.

Good thread.

My one wish?

Find that multimillion dollar idea.

I know it won’t happen and I don’t find working. With the money I’d just set up a business where I’d still work within.

Modern days you not only have to have an idea but make a functional company off of that idea and then sell it. (You lose the future potential of it but also the responsibility) then you get the payoff to do what you really want with.

You think Elon musk really gave a ■■■■ about payment systems? He just had the know and saw the niche.

After a while sold his company for a god damned fortune.



Same deal. Except the second two were just software(ad based revenue).

All the same it might be out there.

I’d like to make a program that takes video game production and makes it accessible to one person.

Like and aritificial intelligence you interact with. From there it like writing a book. You are there in the world creating the world, tweaking the world, through the help of an imaginative computer. You have the ultimate yes no.

My guess… That’s 20 to 50 years out. By then polygons and textures won’t be in use any more. Vector graphics(like photoshop). Not rasterized but alive. 2d and 3d.

Just a dream though. So it goes.

What’s a genie? You mean the guy in the lamp?

T M I :boom:

To counter you approach (which I know is only be encouraging, forcfully at that)

It seems like those statements are discouraging and put people in a place to fail. So they can sit equally with the rest of the lot who have no ideas.

Rarely is there any help involved from getting a person from one point to the next in actualizing ideas.

“If you’ve got an idea… Figure it out(we’re all waiting)” so it goes.

I know that you only intend the best @moses

I don’t recall speaking with you.

If i took action i would be in the emergency room often then might be sent to the psyc. Ward. Trying to find out who is in my body and how they are able to get inside my body and protect myself against their presence. I have tried to cope but not addressed the problems that are mandatory.

Yeah man,there is no respite from what God gave me.

So im not going to look for it in witchcraft ■■■■■■■■.

You shouldn’t either man.

Hey man. Steal the idea.

I’ll find you kill you and ■■■■ your wife.

Jk of course.