What is your favorite room in your house

My favorite room is my bedroom in the basement. You can take a picture of it if you want to.

Sure Jake. My favorite room is my bedroom.

Here is my favorite room


Sorry I made a mistake, with the picture of my legs.

Haha, thats ok Jake. Nice room.

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Thank you Bowens…Yeah I like my room, because it gives my privacy…because it is small.

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My favorite room is also the bedroom of our apartment and it’s a common bedroom much better than hall

My bedroom, like all the rooms got too much stuff, but it is cozy and I sleep well

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my favo room is my bedroom =D

Living room is my favorite.

It’s small, but not cramped.
No windows.
Always cool.

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I like the living/kitchen it’s all one big room. My bedroom is too small I want a bigger one.

I like the living room a lot, I spend most of my time here and it’s comfy and pretty. But I think I would like my bedroom a lot too once I had a comfortable bed. I do like to go in there in the mornings when the sun is shining through the window hitting the prism and making rainbows, and staring at the stars I have hanging from the ceiling.

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