What is your favorite food

I love taco salad and anything Mediterranean

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Probably mexican and italian.

You know I think I like food in general


Hard choice, mmm actually not

I used to eat a lot of tacos and vietnamese noodles on a regular basis… so I guess those are my favorite food… Now i just have rice and tempeh or tofu…

Mexican in the United States is the best. It’s crap over here in Australia compared to that goodness! Also I’d just about sell my mother for a decent burger. That is also sadly missing these days so American burger joints aren’t too bad!


Ramen. just the perfection that is ramen. :ramen: :heart: just saying I would probably kill a man for some good ramen :yum:


I like Italian, pizza and lasangnia

SUSHI for ever and ever


Italian and Chinese.

I don’t have a favorite food. I love it all.

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Chicken tenders with rice and a thick, brown sauce.

I also love Finnbiff, which I recently learned to make for myself.
It’s shreds of reindeer meat, cooked at low heat with sour cream, mushrooms, and baconbits, and eaten with mashed potatoes and a berry jam with a slightly sour taste.
It’s delicious, but reindeer meat can’t be bought in Denmark, and the other things I need to make the dish will cost me a lot of money. But it’s oh so yummy :smiley:

Depends on my mood, I guess. I love love love pasta dishes! I also love steak pie!

I love steak on the rare occasion I can have it. That’s when a relative pays for it or makes it.

Oh yeah, I also love garlic bread on Italian bread with fresh garlic

I eat what i crave for at the moment…sometimes i really want green salad…today i wanted sushi…i eat steak only if im dizzy from lack of nutrience…sometimes i really need chocolate…sometimes i need tea with lemon…andsometimes i crave for veggies…then i make chicken veggie soup for example.

Stuffed grape leaves. Yum

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