What is your favorite animal (over all) pet and wild animal

My favorite animal pet and wild animal is cheetah(my favorite animal over all) so what’s your favorite animal with pets and wild animals?

In the next world, I hope to have a pet white tiger.
And a pet baby lamb. And they will play with each other, gently.

And I’ll have all the cats that I’ve ever owned, back at my side.

And I will be a supremely confident piano virtuoso. And I will accompany an orchestra.

And I will have my strong, capable, sz free, son back in my arms.

That is my dream.


I have two favourites - my cat Binx, and my bird Minty. They are my pets. Wild animals though, i would probably go meerkats! They are so mischievous and playful!

Tiger for me

That tiger looks cool and beautiful with it colors with it’s fur.

I love mini Schnauser and Blue Heelers.

Mini Schnausers are so calm and distinguished looking.

Blue Heelers are super strong and fast but a little crazy.

My little mini Schnauser of about 10-15 pounds could actually pull me a little he was such a beast.

My Blue Heeler would have successfully defended me from ninja assassins.


My kitty.


Nothing beats felis catus, nature’s most purrfect fuzz beast.



I like frogs and probably cats the most.

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I love dogs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 15

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I love birds the most. Got a cute budgie Sky, and love all kinds of wild birds especially the hadeda ibis common in South Africa.

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Turtles 2_34&56

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I like dolphins cos they have some cool language to communicate!!

and they swim in the big deep wide oceans!!

I like the party animals.

A dragon 151515

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