Favorite animal

I gotta say I like the turkey vulture


My favorite animal is the Pokemon Arcanine.

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My favorite is the dog breed pitbull. Followed closely by cats. And then by pygmy marmoset monkeys!



Mine is a wolf 15

Favorite animal specifically would have to be my cat. Favorite species… Have to go with that octopus that can make itself look like coral and rocks.

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I dearly love cats and horses. We have a special bond. I did have dogs as a child. I don’t have a horse because I live in a small town. Also the great mythical dragon. Dragons are Fire and I am Fire.

My Favorite " Animal " Is The Grim Reaper ,

After All ,

We Are All But Bones In Thee End …

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Dogs (particularly terriers and bull breeds), followed by cats (house cats and tigers are my fav big cat), alpacas, elephants, and guinea pigs!

too cute! reminds me of a cat i had while I was a child :smile:

Haha he’s one of my fav Pokemon as well.

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