What is your favorite actor and actress

My favorite actress is Jennifer Connely, mostly because of the movie called “A Beautiful Mind”. My favorite actor is Russel Crow. I like the movie called “Gladiator”. I also think Russel Crow did a very good job with acting, in the movie…A Beautiful Mind.


I don’t have one favorite I can name, but I can mention a couple that I like. I am a fan of sci-fi survivor movies and love Vin Diesels portrayal of Riddick in the riddick trilogy. Looking forward to the 4th and final movie. I also like Sigourney weaver, I think she is a good all around actor and I particulary like her in the Alien movies.


Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Fassbender.

Actor - Rowan Atkinson
Actress - Winona Ryder

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Actor - The Rock
Actress - Scarlett Johansson

Actor - Johnny Depp
Actress - Sandra Bullock. Meryl Streep

scarlett johansson shes hot. I like her when she was busty, she lost alot weight thought but still hot.


i think i recall that she got a breast reduction, she looks good either way imo

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I know right, shes so hot. I would lick her up and down, im not perv but sorry shes that hot lol

Whoa that’s sad, I like em big like that lol

I have lots of favourites.

I’m feeling good vibes about Angelica Houston who was in Addams family and about Helen hunt.

Bad vibes from most actresses and I have a belief Jennifer Anniston was malicious to me with her friends and ruined me as she planned to ruin me and kindof bully me and I don’t like her and avoid her as I don’t want people like her in my life.

Also bad vibes from Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson and possibly evening the charming drew barrymore.

I can’t watch some tv because some tv people give off bad vibes.

Leonardo DiCaprio is great.

I love so many actors but this moment in time those two chicks seem nice.

Jack Nicholson , Harrison Ford , Robert deniro I love most actors and

There’s women I love to as actresses but there’s to many actors for me to begin mentioning really.

But as mentioned some I avoid watching and etc

Seinfeld gang are my favourites too of course I’m a Seinfeld fan.

I love them.

Julia Dreyfus Louis is a favourite female actor.
She is magnificent.

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Mel Gibson,Bruce Willis,Sylvester Stallone , sigourney Weaver, methyl Streep , Kate Blanchett there are so many great actors more than I can mention and some of my favourites have not been mentioned.

The ones I dislike are not bad actors but bad vibes from them or I have beliefs Jennifer Anniston ruined me maliciously to make herself feel better than me and put me down and bully me I think she did awful things to me and truly ruined me and to do what she did is immoral and cruel and malicious and not ok.
I avoid her.
Don’t want to see her.
Think she is fake.
Not a bad actor but I reckon a bad person.

Julia Roberts is definitely one of my favourite actors.

She is my favourite girl actor this very moment.

No ■■■■■ iness like some of the others I mentioned.no bad vibe n sh it.

Just a delight to watch.

I liked Reese Witherspoon in “Vanity Fair”, but I didn’t like her in other movies. I liked Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses”, but I haven’t seen her anywhere else. I liked Robert Redford. He was too serious a guy to be a Hollywood pretty boy. I liked Dustin Hoffman. Paul Newman. And others.


I love Reece Witherspoon

Love Hugh grant

Love Samuel l Jackson

Too many I love to mention

I like Melissa Mccartney in comedy.
Action i dont like so many, its harder roles to play.
Drama Julia Roberts and Hillary Swank.

Actress Audrey Hepburn/ Grace Kelly
Actor Cary Grant/ Robert Taylor

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