What is your fave cartoon?

Mine is garfield and friends

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As a kid. Scooby foo. Tom and jerry. Animaniacs. Looney toons were good in general. Freakazoid

Then the was sealab 2021. Aqua teen. Other adult swims.

Archer has been the most recent. Almost made me like frisky dingo.

Venture brothers!

All the anime I used to watch. Typical American anime.

Trigun was the best. Full metal alchemist was oddly cool.

I Don’t Watch Cartoons N E Mo ,

Altho ,

Waye Back In Tha Daye I used To Watch ADULT SWIM (like others) On Tha Cartoon Network ,

AQUA TEEN Was Good ,


and Sometimes I Would Even Watch THA POWER PUFF GIRLS ,

Or Is It POWDER PUFF (???) ,

I Canno Remembah ,

N E Hoo ,

I Kinda Left Television Land a Long T(Y)me Ago … ,

Yep Yep (!!!)

RockosModern Life in the past


'I am the Great Cornholio".
Beavis & Butthead is my favorite as an adult.

As a kid I liked Bugs Bunny and Popeye.

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Dave the Barbarian was a fav in my Adult years.

Daria was also a fav.

Keep looking out for them. Hoping they will return.

SpongeBob Squarepants is funny for me, although it unfortunately doesn’t come on the channels I subscribe to.

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my all time favorite cartoons is looney tunes…foghorn leghorn, bugs bunny that kind of thing…second runner up would probably be flintstones and tom and jerry, stuff like that…I also am a big fan of beavis and butthead.


Studio Ghibli please.

Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, my Neighbour Totoro…


Me too. All time favorite

Gotta go with Southpark


‘Despicable me’ :slight_smile:
I think i watched it like four times. With my kid.

The old classic Bugs Bunny… love that…

a little more modern…

Pinky and the Brain…

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Regular Show is my favorite

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**Daffy duck **


tom and jerry… :grin:
take care :alien:

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Beavis and Butthead is pure genius. Did you know about a year or two ago that Mike Judge made some all new episodes?

Good one!.
Uncle Grandpa and Gumballs for me :smile:

Gumball is so cool

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Yeah my kid loves it.
Pops is just irresistible.

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