What is your education level?


I am very ashamed when it comes to this question,I only study until secondary 4 before I stop continue my study because of probably my illness(SZ),I do not regret what I have been thru but sometimes I still hope I had a degree at least…what about you?



Have you ever thought about trying school online? That’s what I do. You don’t have the pressure of taking exams or doing presentations in front of the class. I take only one class for five and a half weeks then get one or two weeks off. I had a very hard time doing the brick and mortar type institutions, but online works for me…I’m already a Junior. If it means that much to you online schooling is something to consider. I go to Colorado Technical University. They have a lot of degree programs to consider. Good luck. :sunny:



Thx,but I am busy at work,I think getting a degree helps a lot



one of my many childhood schools i went to, they called a ’ special ’ school ,for ’ special ’ children.
and in many classes i excelled and was top of the ’ special ’ classes.
’ special ’ means ’ not that bright ’ if you had not caught on yet.
this was one of the few places i was not expelled from or asked to leave from.
my ’ dunce ’ cap is proudly displayed on the mantle piece next to my harry potter wand and red lightsaber !!
take care



I got a GED back when what they had taught me was still in me. And tried college for 1 1/2 years. Mostly walked in the college woods with the dogs and sat in the cemetery.



I need 5 more classes for my AA degree.



i have a degree or bachelors of science in two similiar subjects business and accounting. But i don’t do anything with them and my grades weren’t that great.

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I have been in school for 12 years and then 2 years adult school to learn the other half of the subjects I missed in school. Idk what you call it, but in Swedn it is Gymnasium. Then I started working. Have been in the same workplace since 1998.

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I’ve finnished high school. That is 12 years of school here in South Africa. I tried to study personell management and internal auditing but couldn’t finnish it due problems to study. I’ve got 2 IT certificates…not that I know much about IT.



I have the Master of Science with studies in Finland, the Soviet Union and America.

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I got my high school education. I did well in my final exams and got into college but I dropped out. I had a bit of social anxiety and decided college wasn’t for me.

Anyway, if I were you I wouldn’t care about not attending college. You may feel as if you missed out, butI say you’ve benefited other ways. The brain develops and learns better when you rest it from academia.

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I managed to get O levels but went into hospital a few months before being due to take A levels. This meant i missed out on university.
I tried studying history by correspondence about 6 months after being hospitalised but it didn’t go well. That rocked my confidence and i haven’t tried anything academic since.
I have had a few mental health workers try to push college but my social anxiety/ paranoia puts a block on anything like that. The thought of going and not fitting in and being bullied and ostracised like i was at public school puts me off, as well as the fact of having cognitive problems that i have had no help for and that would hinder me…



i was truant a lot in the 3rd and 4th year at secondary school when i was 15/16 yrs old, i was a thief and i stole things and exchanged them for money so i could get my lunch and cigarettes, i stopped stealing when i was nearly 16 tho as i knew i would get charged if i was caught so me and my friend went and stole some mothers day cards and i handed myself in and the police gave us a ride back to school (i didnt really care) i was just starting to get really depressed and withdrawn i think, anyway i didnt do well in exams.

later i went back to college and i improved my grades for my cv but i only managed to pass one year and one trimester of the next.year. still an accomplishment tho.



I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I was second in my class with a GPA of 3.92. I then went to pursue a Masters of Public Health for 1 year. I only got 25 credit hours (about halfway finished), before my illness stopped me.

In hindsight, stopping my MPH was a blessing. I now realize that I don’t want to work in an administrative role. But instead as a hands-on Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I hope to return to grad school and obtain my MSN!





I got accepted into a good university - that year I crossed on over to SZ land, took a break off for about a year went back to another good university - never graduated because my symptoms flared up. I have about 4 years of college under my belt, but never finished - I guess you can say I have an Associates Degree since I have about 99 credits to complete - Dont think Ill go back



I think having a degree boosts you for getting a good job but i wouldn’t use it as a definitive tool for measuring intelligence. Many of my grandfather’s generation were intelligent but had to leave school at 12-14 due to economic circumstances.



I graduated from a state university in the U.S…

P.S., what is “secondary 4?”



I agree @firemonkey I once knew a girl who got into college and she graduated. She was borderline “retarded” - low IQ She came from money, that was her ticket



I somehow, someway, managed to pass my GED when I was 19 or 20 and was just out of hospital. I barely remember it. I just remember having my parents work with me on it a lot.

I’ve just started school this January. My first quarter ever. English and Geometry. Hoping to do something in horticulture for my job.

I like to read and I read a lot. So I’ve learned a lot, just not in traditional settings.



AA from Henry Ford Community college. :books:

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