What is your balance dynamics regarding being emotional, irrational and logical, rational?

It’s quite an open ended question.

Feel free to answer how suits you.

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Mines complicated. What’s yours Slothy?


I used to be more emotional than logic.

Until I realised it was making me feel bad in the long run.

I’m trying to become more logical in my decisions…

80% logical and rational
15% irrational
5% emotional

I’m like Mr. Spock :vulcan_salute:


Mine is quite fluid, but I like being emotional best.
On my CBT course I went to they wanted me to be rational and emotional at the same time, but I think tend to be one or the other.


I feel that I’m often gripped by fear and so that makes me an emotional creature probably whereas I guess also I like to be playful is a state of play emotional or rational that’s so hard to describe or divide

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I think a state of play, imo, is both if it’s a SAFE state of play. because it is emotional whilst also using your logic to play, in a safe way; A safe playing environment to me personally, infers that it is emotionally safe and logically safe. So can be free to explore playfully knowing it is also a safe environment (logical component) ;

My lines of thinking for the thread topic heading was about should I go for a guy

1.cos I feel strongly attached emotionally. Rush of excitement. But don’t feel I can be me.

2.Or for a guy where I don’t feel as strongly bonded (at least not in the start like with #1) but I feel safe and enjoy to be me. And the feeling is more calm than intense.

  1. To me is more emotional irrational

  2. To me, is more logical, rational.

I think I’m making some loose, odd connections here perhaps… That’s what schizophrenics etc apparently are prone to do.

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I find irrational things are tempting and have their place but aren’t good (for me personally I can’t speak 4 others), in the long run.


Binge eating makes me feel so good.

But in the longer run it’s not good for me and affects my energy levels at work… All those carbs and sugar peaks go to lows and I get lazy and lethargic for instance.

I just keep it simple and focus on the things I can control. Like being respectful to my neighbors, or being kind and loving to Jimmy.

For the things I can’t control that’s not my paygrade. (Things like corporate corruption, poisoned water, wars).


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Sometimes I feel crazy chemistry for a guy but me and him just aren’t compatible in any other way as a match.

I’d say if me and him started to date, that’s emotional, irrational

:thinking: i dont know i think maybe we irrationally find each other and then rationally make it work.
Go for it.

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It seems. That chaos is the name of the game. And everybody pretends there is no such thing as rational. We are all saints in a sinner world.

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Hm yea there’s some irrationality to being attracted to ppl.

But it needs to be balanced with logic for me too.

Some things just don’t work. Especially when tried to make it work and it didn’t work, I shouldn’t keep trying and trying.

Sadly. :expressionless:

But life goes on and such.


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Especially… When dealing with psychosis NOS.

The stress levels got to be strictly monitored, as much as possible anyway


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I find the expression lmao is funny.

Laughing so hard your ass falls off. :sweat_smile:

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What does jt mean

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Not otherwise specified.

Don’t ask.

I have no idea.

What that means.

When I was with a pdoc I didn’t really get to find out

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