What is thought broadcasting?

I hear this brought up here alot and have no idea what it is… I guess I could google it but I feel like your explanation would be clearer…

So what is it?


its like radio broadcasts music to your equipment, just proples brains broadcasts their information to other people, and other ppeople can hear them, its a hullucination plus delusion = schizophrenia

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yes I experienced a lot of thought broadcasting when I was psychotic. it’s like my thoughts were being read by mind readers and becoming their thoughts. at first it was troubling not to have any privacy but eventually I accepted it and became more comfortable with my own thoughts, positive and negative.

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It’s this annoying phenomenon where every little thought you have feels like it’s being broadcasted to others, to where you can have entire conversations with them by thinking something and having them respond verbally.

It happens more so with live interactions like people on the streets and live TV and radio, and much less with prerecorded media, oddly enough.

Supposedly Haldol and Abilify stop it dead, due to NMDA antagonism.

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Thanks for your answer!
Very interesting and sounds pretty hellish…

Also, I think I might have had/have this to some degree…

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