What is the temperature where you live now

It is 60 degrees, where I live…in North Carolina.

20c here. Cool weather

LS! 13 degrees Celcius in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

+11c in Scandinavia. It’s raining.

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16c in Sydney, Australia

According to my weather app, it is 8°C. Which is about 46°F

It’s 17C today (the high) and cloudy. I’m cool with this type of weather.

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About 28C. But at least I have air-con.

13c here in Ireland

11 C in the south coast of England. Wet and rainy. The heatings gone on for the first time this year.

It’s 66F right at the moment but it is early in the day yet. Forecast says 76F high today.

it is currently minus 2 degrees c or 32 f. It’s really cold. And we have nothing but below freezing lows predicted for as far as the eye can see.

In the 90s F, as usual.

Welcome to the swamp, aka South Florida.


Below 10 C here

69 F. 21 c nice weather

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