What is the point of hoping?

Like, does it really make a difference?

To hope.

And if you think it doesn’t do anything in particular,

Then what is the alternative to remain positive in a difficult, uncertain situation?

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Hey Zoe, for me hope is how we shape our dreams. It’s like… planning.

You need to be careful with it and hope a bit realistically, and it has to be something you can achieve by yourself.


I find It exhausting to hope.

Sometimes I prefer to just accept that I don’t know.


That may be a symptom of depression I think…

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Yes I think you might be right.

Well I like that you said hope realistically. That’s probably a good idea.

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You calibrate hope by going too short or too wide sometimes. You can find a healthy medium that way

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Yes, sounds good a little like some trial and error.


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To be happy is the point to have hope


Take action on a situation and know you did the best of your abilities to address the situation.

It may or may not change the outcome but you tried. And deal with the situation after that outcome.

Logic is better than wishing and hoping etc.

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Hope trust and belief is all interlinked.

Its very important!!

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Hope is the strategy for surviving the darkest times


Regaining hope is where my recovery started. There is no meaningful recovery without hope for something better.

There is a fan made short movie on Batman titled as Dying is Easy. On YouTube.

Batman says, I mean his character in movie, hope being last thing to get out of Pandora’s box might be most dangerous thing humans are faced with. That it can be blinding. Tends to be deceptive.

People who leave hope one might guess they choose self destruction. Some leave it or detach themselves from it. In later situation you have easier time accepting your situation and focus on things in present. As hope can make you obsess over things in future. This future can be utopic or unrealistic. As it relates to personal change.


I study virtue a lot. I find that hope is one of the highest and most abstract virtues. People usually need more work on the lower and more concrete virtues, like skill development virtues and social development virtues.


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