What is the most you have ever weighed?

The most I ever weighed was 208 lbs. I lost 50 lbs. and have kept it off for six years now. I currently weigh 158.8 lbs.

My abdominal girth is 33 inches. The goal for a female is to be under 35 inches. I am female. The goal for males is to be under 40 inches. Medicine is now going by abdominal girth and not by BMI anymore.

  • Highest: 150 lbs
  • Lowest: 106 lbs (as an adult, not in childhood)
  • Current: 123 lbs
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Didn’t know that, I just measured myself, I’m male. My abdominal girth is 35". My BMI is 24.1 so I guess I am doing okay in either case.

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The most weight I had was 100kg.

I now weigh 84kg

My highest weight was 250lbs. Now I’m at 205lbs

I weighed the most when I was weight lifting a lot. I got up to 155 off meds. I was eating a lot. I weighed about 145 on risperidone. Now I am about 140 on clozapine.

77 kg fifteen fifteen

I’m currently just under my heaviest by 4-5 pounds, I’m joined at my YMCA been swimming, between the new battle with hunger after exercise I’ve retained the weight. I was lower before but my family situation shifted and I live my mom again and gained the weight back. Currently fighting sugar addiction. Its literally impossible to get it out of the house as the family loves the stuff so I literally have to fight a major part of my diet without any support.

My highest is now at135 kg /297 lb
I was 97 kg / 213 lb 7 months ago

I checked my thyroid gland it’s working fine
I don’t know what’s the reason for that fast weigh gain

I used to weight 98 pounds
Then I got put in hospital three times and the meds they have me on I got up to 142 pounds.
Now I am around 136 pounds.
I feel like I will never see that 98 pounds ever again.

I think the heaviest I’ve been is around 255 lbs.

Wow that must be nice to be only 123lbs. How tall are you?

112 pounds while on meds was my heaviest. I average around 96 most of the time off meds. I’m 5’1 though.

The heaviest weight I had was 58kg. Now I am 54kg.

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I’m 5’4". I am a healthy weight for my height, currently. I’m not physically fit, though… I’m working on that.

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That’s good that you are at a healthy weight. I am 100lbs over weight. I just feel so hungry all the time. These antipsychotics are no joke. :worried:

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I’m my heaviest ever at 22.5 stone.

Maybe around 60kg or 62kg. Can’t be sure. I was disturbed enough that I didn’t weigh myself at that time.
On recent weigh in I was around 55kg.