What is the heaviest weight you have ever been and what weight are you now?

Hey guys , as above, i was 21 stone at my heaviest and i now weigh13 stone, thoughts?

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230lbs after starting invega 200lbs now

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107 kg was my Max. Now I’m 88 kg (195 pounds). I’m 1m85 (6’1)

300 lbs —> 230 lbs r n

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I got to 96kg now I am 72kg

At one time I was 246 lbs . Today I’m 174 lbs.

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250 I’m now 235 It’s pretty close

I was 190 today I’m 180

I was 120kg,
now I’m 118kg

My heaviest was 240 pounds (108.9 kg). Currently, I weigh 144 pounds (65 kg)


Highest was 295lb now on 6mg risperdal 285lb. Lowest was on Abilify 200lb. Off meds 138lb.

Do you get flappy skin when losing that much weight? I have stretchmarks all over my body bcz I gained 160lb from meds.

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No flappy skin yet. But I think if I keep losing I may get that.

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I weighed 340lbs 154kg on Zyprexa. Now I weigh 255lbs 116kg on Abilify.

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220lbs now, but I’m happy, and my blood work always comes back within acceptable ranges.

I hold a lot of it in my thighs, and have a bit of a belly.

I’m not the trimmed and cut 180lbs I was in my 20’s. I miss my abs, but I was also doing a lot of drugs that helped my appetite.

Zyprexa doesn’t help.

205 was my heaviest…

Got down to 159 last year, now I’m back up to 203 >_<

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I just found out thers surgery to remove excess skin and stretchmarks:


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It’s too expensive. My husband and I are both disabled and we have 3 kids

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Yea for me too. But maybe if I convince my parents they will pay for it lol But the difficult part will be losing the weight first.

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Yeah. My guess is that they’d be more inclined to help with skin removal after you’ve already lost the weight

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