What is the difference between spiritual and supernatural?

What is the difference between spiritual and supernatural?

Supernatural phenomena are often attributed to spirits / non-corporeal intelligence.

I would say spiritual is not able to be seen but rather believed or felt. in some circumstances people claim they hav seen spiritual things

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Spirituality refers to the domain of spirit(s): God or gods, souls, angels, demons, jinns. In short, this is what was once called the supernatural (and still is by many English speakers). When spirituality refers to something else, it is by metaphorical extension to other intangible and invisible things, such as ideas, as in team spirit or the spirit of democracy, or as in seventeenth century chemistry and anatomy where the animal spirits that move through the nerves are a class of highly refined, invisible particles analogous to those emitted by volatile liquids such as alcohol. Thus, wines and spirits.

‘Supernatural’ simply means something that is above (the meaning of ‘super’) or more than natural. It is contrasted with the term natural, which presumes that some events occur according to natural laws, and others occur to a separate set of laws which we cannot perceive, because they are caused by forces external to nature.


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