What is mania?

why it considered illness ?
i did quiz about mania
the result is i have borderline mania!!!
i also didnt get what mania is
anyone simplfy it
is it to be happy and wish if you talk talk non stop ?
anyone tell me what exactly mania is ?

Don’t trust any online test, ask your psychiatrist.

When I am manic I have impulse control problems. I spend money recklessly and I don’t sleep or eat. When I was young I used drugs and slept with dangerous sex partners.

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I had these while on Abilify. FDA and Health Canada warned about it but it was 7 years after starting Abilify. I would sue Abilify like others did but I am too dumb.

I don’t get full blown mania - I get hypomania a milder version where I talk excessively and sing and dance and run around feeling elated and excited. I also get mixed episodes where I laugh and cry and get irritable and aggressive towards myself and want to throw things.

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