What is it like to live in a Group Home?

I might be living in a Group Home in the future.

Any one ever live in one before?

The problem is that I’m very private usually, I don’t know how I would do with communal type living.

Is there any kind of privacy?

I really fear for my future living situation, I don’t know what’s going to happen :frowning2:


the one i saw had private locked rooms with a toilet but with communal everything else, the residents got given a little extra cash for doing some chores as well i think like keeping the place clean, i think someone keeps an eye on the place as well to make sure it is running properly.


Hi wave

I live in supported accommodation - a room in a shared house with support workers on weekdays. I love it here, I guess I love the company of people with an illness like me. The privacy is good - I spend most of my time in my bedroom chilling. Try not to worry about your move - you could try and if it doesn’t work you could always change your mind.

Good luck kate xxx


Thanks @katey1234 - You are very kind

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My first group home was way back in 1980. It was called Soteria House and it was world-famous and it has a long story to it which I won’t get into here. But basically, they believed in treating schizophrenics with no medication and they claimed that they had a higher success rate than hospitals in treating people with schizophrenia. It was a unique situation in a whole different time and wouldn’t help to answer your question with but I just thought I would mention it. Anyway, I moved into my next group home two years later in 1982.

This place might be unique too. They called it a “Residential Treatment Home”. It was a beautiful two-story house in a nice neighborhood in an affluent college town. The home was kept very neat and clean. In fact all the clients had to pitch in to keep it clean. No messes were tolerated. No crumbs were there or no dust etc. There were anywhere from 6 to 8 clients at any given time. It wasn’t just for people with schizophrenia, there were people with bi-polar disease, depression, OCD, Bulimia and anorexia too.

Their philosophy about treating mentally il people was to have as much structure as possible for it’s clients. Everybody had to get up at the same time in the morning. Everybody was assigned a chore in the morning that was mandatory.

Everybody had to have a daytime activity, everybody had to be out of the house by 9:00 am and they locked the doors and didn’t re-open them until 3:30 pm.

I should mention that everybody there was high functioning. Anyway the structure was that everybody had to eat dinner together, we had evening chores that had to be done at a designated time. There were two groups a week, and one outing per month. We took turns shopping and cooking dinner. Anyway, I could go on about this house for awhile, I lived there a year.

There’s probably other places that have similarities to this one. And incidentily I had to share a room with two other guys, but it was no big deal. The people who ran the place didn’t tolerate harassment by anybody against another client. There were conflicts but not many.


I lived in co-operative housing at one time, not a group home but one where everyone was on a duty roster for chores and got to rotate the chores they did.

I learned much more from the experience than I ever learned in school.

I didn’t like some of the people there but I liked others even if I wasn’t close to them, and it taught me not to overgeneralize about people. I learned to get along with everyone there.

The experience of co-operative work helped me when I had to move back with my parents and help out, and when I was working, and now it helps me to be a better husband.


I’m actually moving back to what I imagine is similar to a group home.

6 private bedrooms. But we all share the house with the owners. It’s a community style living.

Big house lots of space. And areas to lounge :slight_smile: and cheap rent

I fear a bit if I lived alone I’d end up off the rails and back into psychosis or something.


That second one sounds pretty good to me… I know of myself I do good with imposed structure. And self-imposing is just not the same.


This is my fear as well


I think we like being around people who are like us.