What is it all about for you?

For me, its the little successes, smiling when i dont have any reason, just let a smile come to your face
Cooking, cleaning, the little successes are everything. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and so their is no future planing, only now, and if you live years, you would of accomplished so much simply by focusing on one day at a time.

I believe the preferred notion of success is actually crippling, it turns you into a zombie of accomplishments rather than experiencing the novelty, do it for the sake of passing the time and over time it will be something huge.


Lovely and wise words.

You summed up mindfulness beautifully. :slight_smile:


For me it’s all about learning as much as possible, even if it’s weird quirky things or a random hobby. I hope what we learn here passes onto what comes next. And if at any point you think “I’ve learned everything” or “I know everything” you’re dead wrong lol.


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