A Poem: Success

What is success?
It all depends
On what you were actually
Trying to achieve.


Success is a dirty word when you think about all that means it means you suck the life out of something and some meaningless dream


Successfully stayed sober yesterday, on track for today too, Successful in a shower, successful in not breaking down, in not letting it get the better of me.

I’m happy for those, I don’t need to change the world to be successful, I just need to be me….for now….:smiling_imp:

Maybe you’ve been more successful than you realize? It can sometimes be hard to see my own progress.

Good one dude.


There was once a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin wanted a ton of stuff and Hobbes wanted a sandwich. Hobbes was the happy one that day.


What you suck the life out of is yourself, I have been down this road

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Blizzard’s comment was successful in bringing a smile. Reminds me of the kids on Willy Wonka. They all want the factory, even the kid and grandpa. #humblepie

Response poem: pressure

I thought I had it all
Necessities and luxuries
Though I’m pressured by others to…
“Do more”


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