What is everyone doing?

I get so lonely it sucks. Watching a movie about a loser who gets a beautiful girl and everyone thinks she isn’t his bf.
Lame eh?
Also had a ton of coffee, cigarettes…I am super bored.
I wish I had a job. Or career again.
I feel like doing some online shopping but need to save money.
I’ve got so much on my mind. I dunno.
I was researching euthanasia in Sweden. Some girl who had mental illness was the 1st to do it and she was 29. They’re worried that it will become the norm.
Well, those are my thoughts.
Gonna order some new boots to cheer myself up.


Spending money is a temporary fix. Therapy has done wonders for me. Do you have an hobbies?

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I have art as one of my only hobbies.
then politics and voracious reading. but some days my avolition is so bad i can’t do anything, literally nothing. how about you? you have self control it sounds like.


I am in Therapy, makes all the difference

i am going to try and start therapy. every day i’m getting closer to make the phonecall.

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I think I heard about that in the news about the 29 year old. It really is sad.

It is. I guess when you think there’s no way out, then there is only one way out. Do you think it’s appropriate of them to do?


It failed for me over and over. My psychiatrist demanded it and it’s actually helping now that I’m forced to…

yeah you never know how things will turn out. that is the beauty of each day.

@anon98519533 Everytime I get into therapy and find someone good they end up leaving to another job. It’s happened 3 times and I get tired of reintroducing my horror stories.


■■■■, that sux…I’d say immerse yourself in hobbies. Keep challenging and pushing, helps fo me. I keep myself as busy as possible

Thanks. I feel too lazy to even think about art. I did list two artworks on Ebay. i just hate painting bc its such a process and I don’t wanna deal with it.

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I’m at war with my body and mind a lot. For example after dinner, I cleaned the entire kitchen. I was about to go to bed last night and saw hubby had made a horrible mess. My motivation was screw it, I don’t feel up to it, but I “pushed through” with profanities racing through my mind. However, upon going into the kitchen a bit ago, I’m glad I didn’t give in

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I have been through several therapists. Years ago I had one that I worked well with. Then he left and I went through a whole succession of ones that didn’t work out for whatever reason. Now I again have a therapist I like. I hope she sticks around.

I am currently listening to music and perusing the forum. I wrote a couple poems and a blog post this morning, too. I’ve felt productive lately.

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i will play mortal kombat xl on steam in a few minutes

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Euthanasia is for people who are terminal and in pain. Where there really is no way out, no chance for improvement.

Mental illness is not a death sentence, and it can improve. Helping someone off themselves because they’ve given up seems wrong in my eyes


I’m playing some online Smash Brothers on the nintendo, and the people in California are a good deal better at this game than the ones back in Virginia. I can’t win most of the time.

Trying to think of something to write, I told myself I’d start writing again. Probably will start with a four to eight page short story, just need a topic and a setting. My mom is doing well, she’s more mobile on the walker now.

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Out of cream, so, no cof-fay this morning. Nibbling at a piece of toast and sipping my chai tea. Sorting new music inventory into The Squirrel’s library while waiting for Squirrelette to wake up so we can go shopping. We’re out of a few things, notably coffee creamer!

Just took my medication. Listening to music and trying to motivate myself to study calculus.

Smoking and drinking coffee at the moment. I just took a nap so feel quite tired.

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