What Is Cell Cultured Meat and When Can You Try It?


I believe insect consumption will help in the future with food production. It’s too bad that in the west we are groomed from a young age that anything with more than four legs is detestable.

A grasshopper can pack some serious protein and the cost to raise edible insects is significantly less than compared to traditional farming practices.

Uh, that’s because it IS detestable. All the bugs are yours, mate.

I’ll eat a lab grown steak if it’s indistinguishable from the real thing and I get the same texture and taste. Don’t want it to be a chemical spill like the current fake meats, either. This solves several problems at the same time and I support development of this area.

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animals, and man. not real. future.

I’m willing to try lab grown meat. I tried a plant based burger from Burger King, it was much better than I expected it to be, but apparently they are highly processed so I don’t think I want to eat them on a regular basis. I won’t be eating bugs.

Seems like everything that is commercially processed is slowly killing us. You know, cheap individually packaged cheese slices, that have more soy or corn oil than actual animal products in them.

Idk about this lab grown stuff.

Inserting human DNA into plasmids to create recombinant DNA has greatly improved life for diabetics. They now have access to the same quality of insulin their bodies would create if they were capable of it. This is science done right. Having real meat without the moral and environmental costs would be a good thing, nie?

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I’ll concede to that. Good rebuttal.


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