What is a therapeutic dose of sertraline


what is the therapeutic dose of sertraline


25 mg I believe


I’m on 200mg. I think this might be the highest dose but the therapeutic dose for me. I don’t know about 25mg because they start you out on 50mg…at least they did with me maybe it’s differenr in this country.


yeah qwerty i started on 50 mg two weeks a go…im taking it for social anxiety…are you taking it for same reason…i just want to know if it works at all as im experiencing no benefits as of yet


Hi Karl. I’m taking it for depression and low mood. Not social anxiety but it has helped me that’s the good news. The only thing is is that it took time and adjusting the dose for it to start working so you might have to be patient.


50 mg…many people will end up needing higher tho. I started seeing positive effects by 75 mg.