What is A good career for me

I want something that takes some skill, intelligence and training. Something that will reel in 40-50k+ a year and have good stability in the field . Though it’s not about the money, I don’t want to go to school to make the same that I’m making on ssdi+pt job.

Something I’m surely capable of. But maybe not the most difficult thing in the entire world.

Maybe now that I’m 29, my experience will speak for itself in this field, in comparison to the typical college aged student who seeks it.

It won’t be “easy” but maybe it’s “simple”. You show up, do the work, stay in line, you pass. All things that just 6 months ago seemed like difficult goals for me but now seems possible due to advances in my recovery.

But what?? :thinking: any ideas for me??

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You could go to and search for ideas.

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I feel the difference for me now is I can focus better on one task without getting distracted too easily. Especially getting distracted with delusions. I still will have delusions but don’t let them control/run my life so much.

What makes going back to school or work quite challenging are our negative symptoms, at least that’s my experience.

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What do I like??

I love animals. That’s a big passion of me. I like people and I’m fairly good w/ customer service.


Maintain a diary of your thoughts on the topic of what you want to do and as you weigh the pros and cons of each alternative the strongest options will become clear.

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Yeah unclehenry. I just started work though and I’m really doing well. I’m thinking I should pursue more out of life. Even if it takes ten years. I just think I’m capable. Because I’ve been steadily improving at least 4 years now and I think I’m capable with a lot of the normies are too. I just don’t wanna kill myself over working . But I want to plan on having more out of life. And it helps me forget about the delusions if I’m focusing on other things I feel.

Sounds like a great plan. I admire your attitude and thinking and in particular your sense that life is so precious that it shouldn’t be wasted. Good advice for me, thanks @Gratitude, as my negative symptoms have been really dragging me down lately and quite frankly have been getting in my way. Thanks!

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Maybe I don’t need an education but rather a field I can move up in. I think I have a good idea but it’s against the rules of this site to talk about.

I don’t know. Now I feel conflicted. I wish I never made this thread because I’ll keep changing my mind.

The Humane Society, zoos, and pet stores have jobs for people interested in animals. You’ll have to clean the cages however as well as pet, and feed the animals. You can’t make crap if you are not willing to clean it up.

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I started as a temp in an office packing envelopes. Now I am a data analyst 6 years later


I’ve done those jobs before!! They’re fun to me. I worked at a humane society. I got treated like crap for being sz. But the animals were friendly.

Why dont you get a guide to what is on at your local college and see what courses you can take. If you want to earn that much you will have to get an education, otherwise you will be stuck on minimum wage the rest of your life.


A fun job for less money is better than a boring or not so fun job for more. I do admit though that if you could get off of the restrictions of SSDI it would probably be worth doing. If the NWS had not changed the rules after I flunked out of school requiring a college degree for an entry level position I would have been happy to do what I could to get it even if it were minimum wage (I would have had to address my schizophrenia first however.) I enjoyed my Library job more than the higher paying office job I got later even though I was payed less.

A big issue I see in getting off disability is the health insurance. Without my health insurance can’t get meds. Without my meds I’m disabled as F.

That’s a huge reason there’d have to be financial incentive enough in the either getting health insurance from a company I work for or having enough money to buy it.

I guess there’s always Medicaid.

But I feel like I’m gonna make close to 30k In
A 12 month period with ssdi+part time job if all goes the same. And I get Medicare. And other benefits of being disabled.

It’d have to be worth my while to wanna come off disability.

It seems difficult, but alas, I think one day I’ll be capable.

I came off disability. I got a government job and I could have purchased health insurance but I still have Medicare for about another 7 years so I didn’t. The biggest obstacle with a jobs is getting hired. Apply for everything you are interested in. Occasionally you will get a bite.

I have three college degrees and a lot of work experience and a security clearance so I can apply for a lot of things but I don’t always get lots of hits. I have some things working right now but I will probably stay put where I am.

Until June 2022 I can always go back to SSDI if I lose my job. I just have to let them know. I assume I would have to fight to keep it though.

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@TomCat Whom do you contact about starting working and also if you need to restart Ssdi? Is it always automatic to get it back within 5 years?

Many insurance companies offer on the job training and you can gain accreditation as you go. You can earn in excess of your target if you’re good at sales and you won’t spend four years getting a degree. Hard to find good people in this industry.

Edit: Should add that you will wind up in confrontational situations with clients, mainly because of unpaid receivables. You have to be able to take abuse without dishing it back.

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Just Social Security. You have to report starting or stopping work and if you are still on benefits you have to send them paystubs every month. They took me off of it so I haven’t been sending paystubs anymore but I can go back on any time in the next 3 years. I do think there is a five year period of reinstatement though. I haven’t looked much into it.

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Working at customerservice on a site that sells animal food and stuff?

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