Back and forth

Every. Day. I go back and forth between different majors or jobs sometimes literally by the hour I “change my mind”

I am desperate to be busy with something worthwhile but can’t stick with so much as an idea for more than 2 minutes. Indecisiveness is too real. Don’t ask me what I want to be when I grow up.


That is part of executive functioning that is affected by the sz. I have cognitive problems too, because I can’t remember if it is affected or effected.

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bleaksaint, you don’t have to be anyone. just get any degree/job.

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I am way past being grown up and I still struggle with this. Right now, I think I want to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer but I may change my mind tomorrow.

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I’ve read that too about exec function.

Feel pressure to be somebody that’s for sure.

Good money and low stress 47. I think about teaching a lot, I seem to always loop back to it even though I talk myself out of it for pretty good reasons. I like film and music but I need stability to function especially with this condition in my case

Oh ya, currently signed up for the automotive technician program this fall. I think it’d be stimulating with the major yearly changes in the industry. Lots of tools to keep track of and purchase though