What if .............!

What if I haveto take meds my whole life …
il never get myself back thats scares me been a monged out human been doing the same shite everyday just coping with the misery I live in.
Whats the point of that … not been able to move forward in life and achieve what id like to achieve.
My dream is to recover from skitzaphernia amd if that happens I believe everything else will happen.

Might be miserable post but ■■■■ it its on my mind I think about it everyday :frowning:

think of meds as a tool

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I plan on taking meds the rest of my life. I’ve tried to stop 2 times in16 years and both times ended up in the ER. So I’ll just enjoy the things I can and ignore the things I can no longer do. To many things for me to loose if I try going off my meds. And who’s to say I would ever return to a mostly normal life again if I go off my meds.

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I don’t think you need to apologize for your condition. If any of us could have seen it coming in ourselves, we would have stopped it, too. Consider yourself to be among friends.

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Your dream is to be cured of sz, but you have pretty much no control over that. Sounds like you have some desires in life why does your sz have to stop all your dreams, surely you can strive for some dream of yours just start with the easiest one. If none of your dreams are obtainable maybe it’s time to reconsider your goals. Unfortunately we’re all stuck with this sz for now. I’ve kinda took the other road I accepted my illness,but my problem is that I pretty much live in the moment and do little dreaming. I admire that you still have dreams and wish you the best with them.

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The reality is that you might have to take meds for life. The jury is out on whether anyone actually makes a full recovery. You will have professionals who say contradicting opinions about whether someone can make a full recovery and people even disagree on the definition of recovery, but its very possible to get better and improve.

You may not get a lot out of life but it’s not impossible to get some things you want in lots of cases. My life is far from being a picnic but my disease started in 1980 when I was 19 and I spent 8 months in a locked psychiatric hospital when I was 21 but I’ve gotten a lot out of life. I’ve worked most of life since about 1983. I’ve lived on my own for twenty years until just a year ago. I’ve done a lot more.

Sometimes life with schizophrenia is just a crap shoot. Some people get better some people don’t. Anyone looking at me when I was 19 would have thought I was a hopeless case. I had every reason in the world to give up and I saw no future. When I was at my worst I didn’t think about working or school. The thought that I might actually ever work again was ludicrous.

But here I am, at my current janitor job for 5 years and I’m three classes away from getting my AA degree in college. Tonight I will brave the California freeways and drive to my sisters for dinner.

Today I went to my doctors appointment and then treated myself at lunch at a restaurant. Then I walked out in front of my house and enjoyed the weather and people watching. My case was severe in the beginning so no one could have predicted my (relative) success. I’m the reason for you (or anyone ) to not give up. There’s ways to help yourself. There’s basic things to do to make your life better now AND for the future.