What have you accomplished?

That’s interesting @Aziz both are equally hard for me


I did 5/6 semesters and got my physio degree after my diagnosis but was never able work for more than a month after trying 10 jobs.


I’m trying to buy a condo. If successful, that would be my biggest accomplishment next to graduating from university.


Congrats! Good luck to you with your condo endeavors @gene


Thanks! @Human
“Trying to eke out a modest existence” -Gene


Peace of mind and lifequality.


I got my aged care certificate.

I quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

I saved the life of the one I love most in the world other than my x.
And gave her a good life.

I made some blankets and bags and slippers.

I had a pretty perfect relationship for 21/2 years without fights n drama.

I rode by myself on challenging paths.

I drove from Gold Coast to sa under direction.n walki talki.

I am on a vegan diet and left the man I love most to do so because no one can tell me what I can and can’t eat.
In the end I have to be true to myself and my morals which can be difficult because he is the man I love most and I miss them n country life n it was pretty perfect but I feel strongly about the environment and animals and don’t want to deny that or eat meat to please someone else not even one I love difficult.

I flew overseas while psychotic and suffered but made it.

I contributed to my x boyfriends go fund me.

I attended a housekeeping course while psychotic.ended up in hospital and suffered but I went and managed to get there.

I manage my daily life and I’m proud of that such as showering etc


I’ve become an expert in nutrition and supplements for mental health and other conditions. But don’t feel I’ve accomplished much since diagnosis. Mostly because I’m harassed a lot. Because I did work about 6 years after having positive symptoms. But after people found out and started harassing me, I didn’t feel as well, to work.


I haven’t accomplished anything since diagnosed in fact its the opposite

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I have three college degrees. I feel like that is an accomplishment. Unfortunately I’ve had a hard time finding work even with these degrees.


My biggest accomplishment was finishing my degree even though I was very ill at the time.

Also last year I won an industry award for a data product I developed.

Now I started my own landscaping business, so it’s off to a good start, but we’ll see if it has longer term potential


Mostly just small things. I’ve learned how to be a better cook. My social skills have improved since starting therapy two plus years ago. Right now I have a drive to explore as many hobbies as possible. I occasionally help my dad with his cabin clients.

I keep my car maintained.

And I’m open to nearly anything that life may throw at me.



I don’t really know when I got sz but after my first psychotic episode I worked and studied finance with top grades for 5 years. After my second episode I dont do anything


I’ve worked in fast food since receiving my diagnosis. That was an extremely stressful time for me but I made it through it okay and am probably stronger for having gone through it. Now I’m looking into work that should better match my capabilities and even putting together a college application for the upcoming spring semester. It’s been tough but I’ve had a lot of support.