What happened to bunny?

Its a mystery…

@Moonbeam, @Minnii or @Rhubot?

Well, bunny had two accounts, and decided to play with our minds by using the two accounts at the same time on the same threads. For me, it was a disappointment.

Oh its no secret…haha I hope she’s aight though…

If it wasn’t a secret to you, good to know. For us it was. It’s not even remotely funny.

But not surprising.

So you got deleted.its not a serious guilt i think.we are not nornal people and moderators must consider this i think

I know all lol I didn’t know she was playing with both accounts though…I thought she just wanted a new one for personal reasons…

Yeah, we don’t like to be played. She’s suspended, when she comes back hope she at least says who she is.

It’s called creating sockpuppets:

It’s a major offense on this and every other Net forum in existence. Those who are caught are usually banned. She is lucky her other account was only suspended, but there is now zero chance that those who are in the know will treat her seriously or consider what she posts as having any worth.

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That’s mean pixel…lol dam…

The truth hurts.

So I should delete my other 2 accounts?

That’s totally a joke…plus I put … After ■■■■■■■ every breath… Ampersand? Something like that…I think the mods would notice…lol…

Not a funny joke I see…too soon?..

Well dam rip this thread…15 gunshots and some fireworks…

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I’ve never used sock puppets but I used to do a lot of catfishing on Facebook. :frowning:

Bunny didn’t get deleted. I’m assuming she requested account deletion of the Bunny account because that account was anonymized by @SzAdmin a few days ago.

Then we noticed that she had been using two accounts for a while (the Bunny account and another account @ShadowPuppet) which is against forum guidelines.

Therefore, we locked her old anonymized Bunny/Anon account permanently and placed a 7 day ban on her @ShadowPuppet account.

She is welcome to come back on the forum using her @Shadowpuppet account once the 7 day ban is over.

We take duplicate accounts very seriously because it is a violation of other members’ trust to concurrently post under two different accounts.

From the Forum guidelines—


Fifshits also I didn’t know the term sock puppeting or what it entails until I read what you posted…so thanks for the new term