What good is being good looking if you are of the extreme introverted spectrum?



I dunno man guess you just gotta express yourself

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show a pic and I’ll tell you if you’re good looking.


I’m def good looking, just a little fat.working on that. I’ve posted in the selfie thread. i guess i’ll post a selfie here too,

here is me

I am clearly above average in looks. Could lose a few pounds, but i am generally good looking


It’s good to feel attractive.

I’m probably the ugliest looking guy on this forum lol.

I wish I was good looking

Can u give me tips on how to become good looking ?

You gotta get your ignore game down.

I just ignore girls who are interested in me.

Well it’s a natural reaction to after the first 100 girls who were interested in me rejected me for me being interested back.

So now I just naturally ignore the hell out of them because I know it’s not gonna lead to anything. And now they act more interested in return.

Dude you are a handsome guy - and I’m not just being nice. You are legit good looking


@Naek it’s tough being an extremely introverted person in general. Especially if you don’t get out much. I feel you man. But being good looking is a shallow trait anyways you gotta offer more than that and some people consider quiet people have nothing to offer but usually there’s some trauma involved preventing from opening up easily. I’m Sorry. I’m the same way. Introverted

Hey James I think ya mistaken brother bear.

Heres me.


@anon94176359 is right. You’re a cutie, @anon39015889!


Lol u 2 must be mistaken me with someone else haha

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