What gives you hope?


I like to ponder hope a lot. I think hope is important. I lost hope years ago and I was so down without it. I get hope from meeting new people and in my art and music, (and God, but that is a sore subject it seems on this board so I’m not going to talk about it).

What gives you hope?



People give me hope. I hate hearing my voices…but in hearing people both in the real world and on here…some hope is there.

It can be difficult to feel hopeful though

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although i don’t believe in god most of the time…sometimes…just sometimes a fleeting belief in a higher power gives me hope. he has already made his presence felt by blighting some of my abusers, not all of them, but some of them nonetheless and that makes me happy. the main one, or one of the main ones, suffers on a daily basis and will never know true happiness in his life. that makes me happy. there r others who have lost children and while i would never blame the child it makes me happy that there will b a heartache in their lives that will never b fixed. now all i need is the rest of them to suffer gods vengeance and i will b happy with that, whatever happens to me in life.




I live for the day that others don’t live the life I’ve lead!

The confusion, the pain, the heartache just for being different! So I guess I hope that others don’t have to suffer as well and there I am…most folks are marginalised, treated poorly etc etc…what sucks with a brain disorder is that you have no options with your suffering …it just is!

Medical tech is so much better these days and although we have a long ways to go it’s a realistic thing to think in my lifetime we will have better treatments and diagsnosis which will save a hell of a lot of people from suffering!

That is something to feel hope about!

A friend in the struggle,


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Honestly today I’m in a much better shape than I was half a year ago. My mother and my siblings seem to feel more comfortable around me now. I can attend the family dinner again and kiss and hug my nephew. I talk intelligently. We have progress. I shouldn’t take it lightly.

My mother manages to go on vacations happily, leaving my father and me at home. I haven’t seemed to burden her and stuck in her way. Somehow they listen to me and stop forcing me to take medications at dawn every day. I am happy with that.

These are the hope I see.



On a broad scale this forum give’s me hope. Look at how many of us here go to work, go to school, interact with family, have good days and bad days and realize that sometimes meds work and some times they don’t. I know I write better then I talk but at least there is some form communication that I can make sense with.

The fact that my doctor seems to regard my request more openly and with more patience gives me hope.

On a personal scale, I live with the most optimistic person on the planet who has been my personal cheerleader for years. Her continued support give’s me a lot of hope.



Yes, this site gives me hope too…I am glad I joined.



College gives me hope. Hope that one day I’ll be able to do meaningful and well paying work. Also playing Powerball gives me hope. I haven’t won it yet, but every ticket gives me a chance to dream about getting out of poverty.



I’m like that with the lottery. I used to play way too much but I’m limiting myself as of next week. I have to live in reality and the reality is thatch need to save some money if I ever want to make money…so no more out of control spending on lottery tickets. I also need to apply myself to getting the housewoork done and getting out of the house and socialising. That gives me hope. I have this dream of being independent of the state. Getting off of social security and having a comfortable lifestyle. All these things give me hope I think.

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And weightlifting and college but metal comes first

I made it through over a year unmedicated and without insight by listening to metal and lifting weights. Whatever works!



Possibilities give me hope, so does my imagination.



I have a place to live, food to eat family + a couple of distant friends. When I wake up each day, what I do is up to me. A new day gives me hope.

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In my case I feel hope when I think that in a near future I can improve my negative symptoms.



During the early stages of my suffering, so to speak, medication and treatment gave me hope. Now that I’ve gotten on the right meds and hopefully will continue to be given the meds I need, I’ve found myself in a better place. Nothing was worse than wondering what reality was while untreated. I’ve found new hope in a local support group. I haven’t gone to it yet, I missed the last meeting, but being able to fantasize about what I’ll say during the meetings has really lightened me up a bit.

This forum gives me hope. After reading others stories and knowing I’m not alone is going to make this rollercoaster of a life a whole lot easier.



I dont know what truly gives me hope, I guess its myself, me that gives me hope. Since ive been more lucid and a bit more stable, I believe in my capabilities. I still have everyday symptoms, but through a pretty good med cocktail, and family and my dog I think I will manage

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The coming out of new type of medication gives me hope,I know it’s quite shallow but I am really desperate



My hope of remission, my animals and my partner give me hope everyday and a reason to keep taking my medicine.



@mortimermouse Great band and great song!! Metal gives me hope too. Have you ever seen Disturbed’s video for “Voices”? The part when David is talking in the guy’s ear is exactly what my demon would do. School also gives me hope. The hope to make my own living and not rely on the state.

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God gives me hope.


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This forum gives me something to look forward to and helps me get through my days.

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