What does succesful mean?

Is this purely business orientated?

Depends on the definition of successful. It changed for me since having sz.

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Successful to a capitalist is money, fame and power.

True success is inner peace…


Its so hard to be at peace with oneself though !

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Whoever said that inner peace was easy? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Start with some good books to get an understanding.

Try Eckart Tolle’s ‘A new Earth’ or ‘The power of now’.

I’m starting Alan Watt’s’ ‘on the taboo of knowing oneself’ next.

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The word successful is really loaded and context dependent. I much prefer the more ancient notion of being ‘fortunate’.

Status quo success? Important job and upper middle class with children and pool. Cenk Uygur says to do what you love because you found it your purpose and enjoy it so much you act goofy. He was reeaally enjoying it nov 7th. Bob Rosen says success is to live a full life facing just enough anxiety to drive you.


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Being content with what you have I think

When people say successful they’re talking career wise a lot of times but I guess it could mean anything!

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That’s wantrepreneurialism.

Entrepreneurs have fun creating value. Money fame and power are afterthoughts.

To me, successful means you’re either making a lot of money from a job, business or investments, or you have a lot of money that you’ve either earned, saved or inherited.

Successful means money means nothing, it is what ever makes you happy

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If I stay off the cigs I might live to see wealth when my mom passes away but I would rather have her than her money…

Unfortunately in the Western world, success equates to your net worth.
How much money or assets you own.

I think it means going to your grave, knowing you did your best with what you had to work with


Never ignorant about getting goals accomplished


Successful to me is when someone tries.

You are not necessarily a failure if you try something and it doesn’t work out for you

This is how we grow, and you get setbacks sometimes.

At least you can say you gave it your best shot.

The reality of achieving a capitalist view of success I believe to be down to trying, and getting lucky. The latter being that thing that’s put just out of peoples reach, but close enough to encourage them to drive the economy.

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Success for me at present is turning from consumer to seller.

I also believe that every one keeps growing every day in there thoughts, so I cannot define this is me. So used the word present above.

According to the dictionary:

Accomplishing a desired aim or result
Having achieved fame, wealth or social status

It might mean losing weight, or training your dog, or staying off social media for a month. Set a reasonable aim and go for it. Don’t be afraid to aim low if you can’t manage much, just keep aiming.




What A Strange And Elusive Creature. I Once Spake With A Psychic About My Future. And Was Welcoming The Simplicity Of Unusual Spiritual Blessing Of The Great Unknown. And Jus To Be Clear, When I Say The Word, Spiritual, It’s Not Parallel With Religion.

It Actually Falls From The Lowest Branch Of Something Gracefully More Personal.

Like Taking A Walk To The Nearest Shop, With Headphones On. Like The Days Of Wander, Wonder, Ponder, Intuition, Commonsense, And Individualistic Frequency.

‘Lift Your Skinny Fists’ And Such.

I’m Wandering. Find Reasons And A Purpose.

There Grasshopper!, You Will Find Your Success!.