What do you wish to accomplish in 2018?

At least in the first 3 months, you can set some goals for yourself.

I really want to focus on work. During this winter, that is all I am planning on doing. Wish me good luck.

I really want to start eating 40% less of what I am eating now. Food is making me sick. I will cut down portions.

Continue my yoga practice.

What about you?


I wish I can play games for two hours or more ,draw more stuff , continue going to gym fixing my back and knee problems, continue to work


Good luck on your work goals :sunny:

I haven’t set any goals yet :thinking:


I’m also going to try adopt healthier eating habits.

In addition to that, I want to read more, exercise more, travel more, start playing the piano again, watch more shows/movies and reconnect with old friends.

Good luck, everyone!


1 Get my boob surgery DONE
2 Make 2 outlines for my book
3 Start part time work outside the home

Those are my goals January-March

Most are already in motion, so very attainable, I’m excited.

2018 is going to be my year…


My dad may be getting me set up with a job working from home for amazon so if that happens I definitely want to get a car.

Also, I’m going to make it a point to step back on the music scene.

I’ve been focusing on becoming a better man and I’m going to take that mentality into 2018 with me. I’m focusing on keeping myself more organized.

Never thought I’d actually be making new years resolutions this year.


Good luck and I wish you good health! You can do this!


get treatment for my cancer done as long as it takes which hopefully won’t be more than about 8 months.

get into good physical shape as well as good emotional condition.

start reading again, novels, other more serious stuff as well.

curbing some of my paranoia and stuff that goes with it, i.e. anger and frustration.



I’d like to save money for the year, continue with my work, I’m hoping to train as a counselor when I turn 30.

I’d like to meet a good man who I love, who returns my affections, and have a child with him but not necessarily in the year. I am turning 29 in January so tick tock lol.

I’d like to continue my studies in journalism or maybe a language.

I’d like to make new friends and more female friends in particular…


Get better at recycling.
Swim more often.
Become a vegetarian.
Complete my studies.


I don’t usually make anew years resolutions. But i’m hoping I can make it a lean year in several ways.


I am gonna make a fricking game, and get to diamond which is 1% of top players (currently high plat 5% of top) in league of lurdur. :sunglasses:
Jk I’ma be a total failure and won’t give a ■■■■ about it. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


For the first 3 months of next year I want to loose 10 pounds, work a casual job, see friends, do an art class, and just challenge myself. And drink less bubble tea. These are actually goals I’ve had since November.


I want to relax a lot. Do more fun things. Keep my job. Lose weight. Maybe pick up a hot, blond 45-56 year old for friends with benefits. Hey, I’m 56, I’m not dead. And neither is “lttle Nick”.

Also I want to knock out a couple more classes towards my degree.


A want to get more friends. That’s about it because I don’t want to set goals that I can’t achieve.


I think we had this thread already?

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Hmm, I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, like some of the others who posted.

I guess in the first three months I’d like to lose 2-3 pounds; I’m keeping it attainable, plus I really only want to lose a total of 10 pounds to get to my final goal weight.

I’d like to have more fun, since I haven’t really been having fun lately. Maybe go to another concert, get a tattoo, something I would enjoy, something that would make me happy. What that something is depends on whether or not I can afford it. Concerts always end up setting me back around $100 altogether by the time the night is over, and the tattoo I want will probably cost me $150 (maybe more), so maybe I need to come up with cheaper fun. I would say go for more walks in the park, that’s free, but it’s too cold the first three months.


Increase daily keyboard practice from 65 minutes to 75 minutes daily
Continue with daily yoga practice for 35 minutes daily
Continue twice daily meditation practice
Continue Spanish language lessons on app.
Invest like Warren Buffet (same portfolio)
Continue with weekly piano lessons
Continue daily reading habit

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First 3 months means no drinking and having a serious go at losing some weight! Continue with walking/riding and adding other exercises…all very achieveable!


I promise to be a better man for myself, I promise to love myself.

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