What do you wish for yourself on Christmas


I really want some nice house plants. I’d like to take care of more things and they are just fun to have around.


That looks like a neat accordion! I hope you are able to treat yo self!

These things i can’t afford. When i would have the means i would treat myself.

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I know what you mean. I also want a fancy electric tea kettle, it has 9 settings, an infuser and can make coffee too. It’s very nice but pricey in my opinion. I chose plants over that for my husband to get for me. Hard choice though


I want a nice, new, fancy tv antenna so I can get more free channels


That Vraylar comes out in Canada lol :pill::pill::pill:


Is that a Razer laptop? They’re overpriced. I have an MSI gaming laptop.


Just an updated laptop i wish for.


I got a pair of running shoes already.


Indoor Plants would be nice.

I would like to get my teeth cleaned professionally.
Think I will have to save up for that myself though.

I would like some cash because I have no savings at all which means if my fur babies need the vet we are in trouble as I can’t afford the vet with no savings.

I know I’m getting paintings sent to me from Sweden as a Christmas gift from my mum.
She is sending them with out a frame and they were my grandmas paintings.

I want my sacred neigh and dog and loved ones to be alive and well.

I also hope her best friend will make it over Christmas and the elderly couple in my family who we are celebrating Xmas at.

I want to feel comfortable at Christmas family get together and not have to leave in the middle of our meal because I can’t stand sitting at the table with so many people.

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