What do you think?

I got my student loans taken care of. I kind of wish I could go back to school. Maybe not electrical engineering like before but maybe vet tech. No one thinks I can do it.

Im not even sure I can do it to be honest. I just don’t want my partner working so hard to pay the bills when we move out that she digs herself an early grave


I’m doing this too, but I’m gonna go back for just one class. A 12-15 credit work schedule would probably make me relapse. Have you thought about taking just one or two classes? It would get you out of the house, too. Maybe make some new friends. And with fewer classes you could get better grades.


I honestly just want to support my partner with a career or a job of some sort. I thought about getting a job at her work but in the kitchen. My partner won’t let me though she says I don’t handle stress well. She also said I offer her support by taking care of the animals and our home


I know you love animals a lot. One thing to consider. Vet techs have to assist in euthinizations. Is that something you could handle having to do regularly as part of your job? I think working with animals could be a great career for you, but there are tons of animal-related jobs where you don’t have to watch them die.


I think it is a good idea. I want to do something with STEM. I plan on going to community college first, starting slowly, and then transferring.

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I don’t know, my partner doesn’t have faith in me that I can do it…maybe it’s just a far away goal of an ill mind

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The more I think of doing electrical engineering, the more I’m considering math because I’m more comfortable with it. I’m guess I’m scared of change.

I want to do something fun, high paying, and certain.

Maybe you can volunteer part time at the animal shelter. Or find out what you need to work for ASPCA.

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