What do you think life is fair or unfair?

  • life is fair
  • life is unfair
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I try to hope for the strength to endure a difficult life rather than for life to be easy and fair. We dont grow without adversity. At least i believe that. Makes things seem more meaningful.

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No offense, but anyone that thinks life is fair may need more medication. Have you never seen the commercials that show children with cancer or kids starving in some countries? My sister died at 34. Is that fair?


If you have the means to be posting on this site then life is fairer for you than a lot of other people living on this planet. Count your blessings.


I would say that life is inconsistent. A person who studies hard and then works hard is likely to be rewarded, so in that instance life is fair. Also, a lot depends on how you describe the terms “fair” and “unfair”. A bunch of kids that go out drinking and driving crazy and then get in a wreck and get maimed or killed might be reprehensible, but do they deserve to die? When I was in the Army in Fort Hood, TX these guys were driving drunk, and they got into a car wreck where two of them were killed, and one guy got third degree burns over eighty percent of his body. Does anybody deserve that? He wasn’t driving. There are probably more instances of life being unfair than fair. Look what can happen to innocent people in war. We firebombed German and Japanese cities in World War 2, killing the guilty and the innocent together. We used the atomic bomb on Japan, but we had already conducted a fire bombing campaign on Japanese cities before we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Maybe the adults bore some guilt for Japan’s war crimes, but did the children? The atomic bomb just enabled one airplane to do the work of hundreds of airplanes. There are a great many instances of life being both fair and unfair. I can only say that life is inconsistent in the rewards and punishments it dishes out.

Life is relative in fairness. I guess fairness is relative. Obviously no one gets the same quality or type of life. I don’t blame everything on the individual. I don’t like people that look down on others that don’t have a lot or dismiss others cause they believe they earned everything they got.

It definitely seems unfair that’s really obvious. But idk if it really is.

Unless the cancer is genetic , i think its rather fair if we are objective about it since it has a high chance of being a lifestyle disease

Dude, are you trying to push my buttons? I smoked for 30 years and never got cancer. Are you suggesting that 12 year olds lifestyles are the cause of their cancer so its fair?

Or maybe you are suggesting that my sister deserved to die?


Even if it is a lifestyle disease. Different ppl have different coping strategies due to their circumstances. They don’t purposely try to kill themselves with cancer but are really trying their best

I had stroke at 16 because of my lifestyle of steak for lunch and dinner everyday, at 12 we have even less control of what we ate… the onus fall on your parents so i guess for your specific case it wasnt fair.

I do agree in general life isnt fair but if you didnt give context to your situation, i wouldnt have known sorry

Overall, in general, life is unfair

You can choose your coping strategy when you are older. If you are young, the responsibility falls on your parents.

I have seen a 31 year old lady eating fried chicken right after she went for chemotherapy even after she was briefed on to lead a healthier lifestyle, in that case isnt it fair if she had a relapse of the illness? Should patients not be rewarded for trying hard to maintain their health?

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Yes i have bad kidneys but I’m still binge eating.

It doesn’t mean I’m not trying.

You don’t understand what it’s like to be in another person’s head.

I agree ppl who do well to recover are an inspiration, yes.

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If you cant control it, then it isnt fair… if you can , the responsibility falls on you when you are older

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Regardless of I can control it or not, it’s my responsibility.

It’s just mad cos I dunno how to control it :pensive: but I haven’t given up. :+1:

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Nobody likes to be sick, the worst case is to be genetically sick

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Sometimes it’s fair, sometimes not. there’s many examples of both.


Not really true, we have 1% of our genes thats different. That is already unfair :laughing:

You’re saying life is never fair?