What do you like more Namco or capcom

What do you like more Bandai namco or Capcom

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I like them both.


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The two hookers upstairs?

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Definitely Capcom, they have made so much great stuff. Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry.

I heard they went bankrupt or close to it a few years back, but somehow they got saved. Iā€™m glad, they make some really good games.

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Bandai, mainly because capcom cant port worth anything to the pc. I bought dead rising 3 off steam and it didnt work just like when i bought dead rising 2.

Soul calibur from bandai on the other hand is very good.

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I think Namco is more anime style games. It has also ace combat Tekken cyberpunk one piece dragon ball games. They are more warm hearted

But they both are my favourite. I am not much fan of square enix. But it also has good games. I think those 3 are the major companies

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