Anyone remember soul calibur?

I can play it for hours so long as I have willing victims. The original was a masterpiece. The third one perfected it. Now the series is ■■■■. All in all though, good concept. Defines a nitch that no one has replicated.


Yes I remember. I own soul caliber 4 and 5 on ps3. Good games. Always like tekken better im a huge fighting game fan

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yeah soul calibur is cool,im more of a Tekken fan also but what i really enjoy is Fight Night Round 3 for ps2/psp.

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Pong is about my speed. Or Ms. Pac-man. Anything more complicated than those is impossible for me.

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Ah forgot about tekken.

Was thinking Mortal Kombat, DOA. I didn’t play to much tekken as back in the day I wasn’t partial to sony. There was virtua fighter as well. Never played that either.

Pete you get a +1 in my book for saying that. I didn’t realize you played video games.

The PSP was the ■■■■. The Vita is probably better but I’m 26 years old.

I would hack and pirate just like back in the day.(3 years… so long ago)

The dream never worked out. The random multiplayer thing. You go to a coffee shop and there are supposed to be 10 or so people playing multiplayer and you join up and make friends. Would have been cool.

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PSP had an excellent version of soul calibur btw.

Virtua fight series is ok. Its like the dead or alive series but much more complex. I prefer doa though. Virtua fighter is a bit stiff. Doa has a good flow to it. Mortal kombat and street fighter are my favorite games of all time. The new mortal kombat is great and theres a new street fighter coming out next year. It looks really good.Always have fighting game tournaments with mates. Gets really competitive haha. Lots of drunken tournaments

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i have Capcom Classics for the PSP it has Street Fighter 2 i still love that game,some of my favorite games of all time are 2D.

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Yeah I here virtua fighter is very technical.

I think DOA is pretty good. They have no weapons so they have a lot more freedom and realism in having a bunch of different fighting styles. The drunk boxer was the ■■■■. When I was younger I drunk box every one sometimes. I’d get in that state and just make people twitch and ■■■■. Don’t do that any more but was fun.

I’ve softened up. According to @odysseus1 i’m a pussy now lol


loved the first one or maybe it was second one cant remember

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Those two were alright. If you remember vader, yoda, or spawn than it was the second

The original was on the dreamcast and then ported to xbox360 arcade(the one I was playing).

The best was still soul calibur 3 on ps2. There was a psp version released as well Soul calibur legends I think. Seemed to be the same.