What do you like doing?

i dont like reading or watching tv . i like video games and drawing


I don’t like most TV. There are some shows I like but very few. The most popular stuff is almost always garbage.

Music is my biggest passion. I love gaming. I like looking at art. I like drawing. I like learning about new technology. I like learning about music theory. I like critique on film/gaming/music. I like philosophy. I like following certain political subjects that interest me.

Lots of stuff I guess


I like drawing and painting.

Doing workouts with an exercise partner. Like a 15 minute workout.

That’s it really.


My friend and me might do Joe wicks 15 minute workout 5 times per week in 2 weeks time from now.

Would be awesome


Longboarding empty parking lots.


I like streamed TV like on Netflix. I like YouTube premium for relaxing scenery and music. I love playing my keyboard. I love how yoga makes me feel, look and move. I love meditation. I love massage. I adore conversing in Spanish with my tutor. I love making new friends. I have one new friend so far.


Listening to music, relaxing after having gotten off work.

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Crocheting, reading, watching some tv and relaxing to music

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I really like having a good lazy time with my friend. We just watch a documentary and eat good food at the same time.

But now I don’t know if I will see them again because of some private reasons.

It is a shame really.

Mostly I just work and sleep

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I honestly don’t do much of ANYTHING… I get sun. I ‘stay hydrated’… (nah wait …I shouldn’t make light of that.) It’s polydipsia(the whole compulsive cold water drinking…).

But I suppose feet to fire I should offer that it’s probably a small crime that I don’t or didn’t volunteer as of yet. Interpersonal communication is just really hard or at least was when I worked.

Weird that I don’t have a poker face but I have respect (apparently) for acting… I shoulda brought that up in therapy today!!!

I haven’t found pleasure in things I used to enjoy, but I don’t feel depressed so I don’t know what the problem is.

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I’ve rediscovered my love for working out… I enjoy walking with my headphones in listening to music. I also really like going to the beach.

I like making beaded jewelry, crocheting, drawing, rolling/walking the trails in the park, and listening to sad music.

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Anything where I don’t have to move or think.

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Cooking, baking, making fancy coffees or teas, reading, watching bad tv/movies, listening to music, walking outside, photography, amateur broadcasting, archery, futzing around with tech, petting my cat, tai chi, hiking, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, volunteer work, and other stuff I can’t think of right at the moment.


Smoking and listening to music is what I do mostly, I’m kind of fed up of it.

If I am honest though, it’s kind of easy days for me. I just wish I was more capable/functional.

1 Like has a free Spanish podcast tiene un podcast grátis en Español

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I’m enjoying learning German right now. Even though it is a slow road. :sheep::sheep::sheep:


Maybe this will inspire you more: