What do you guys use to draw digital animations with?

Hi I’ve noticed that many of you guys do digital drawings what tablet or device do you use and are they expensive thanks.

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I use wacom intuous it cost 100 bucks with pc and it comes with clip studio software the wacom intuous comic edition its very good software for drawing and sketch.

Also i have ipad with procreate app idont like it its very popular

I do pixeel art with aseprite which cost 10 bucks . With pc.

Whats your budget? Do you have pc? Do you want to be animator or artist . Animator jut makes pictures move frame by frame

I dont do animations just draw cartoonish characters

I want to be an artist I’ll look that up thank you

I dont have a PC but I was hoping I could do it on a tablet only is that too hard though?

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I dont know what kind of tablet do you have. Does it supports pen

I’ve heard great things about the iPad pro. It’s very expensive though.

I use Autodesk Sketchbook on my iPad with Apple Pencil. It’s great! Autodesk Sketchbook was a free download. You can draw, paint, sketch all on the iPad without messy paints and wet pages . I even watercolor on Sketchbook with Apple Pencil (1st Generation). I found a ton of tutorials for Sketchbook on YouTube. I love digital art and all you are able to do. Let me know what you choose. Digital art is exciting! :heart:

You can get a stylus pen for some tablets, that would make it easier to draw :slight_smile:

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