Character Developiment Art Drawing Digitally…

Been 2 years since I worked. I spend days doing nothing. I don’t enjoy drawing anymore but my therapist suggested I do. That was 2 mos ago so I came up with a project to develop a character. I will post my work as it goes on cause I can’t concentrate on this for more than 30 minutes at a time. Hope this isn’t an annoying post as its not finished work. But this will help me actually do something.
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I like your style, @Kxev

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Thanks @LittleMissSlothy

I’m kind of doing something different cause I used to do fashion illustration which had no story.
I’m gonna really try to finish a project. Im already done for today.


That’s excellent. Keep on it. It’s really inspiring to see other sz ppl find projects and passions.

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Don’t usually draw guns. So just making it up. Oh I think I like the battery packs from Ghostbusters.


Awesome work. Keep it up.

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Motivation is killing me. And this project. I hate it and gonna think something new.


Very nice. Keep posting.

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Another sketch.



I’m thinking of buying a Wacom tablet but I’m not sure yet. I don’t want to buy one and not use it.

I wish I could focus! :confused:

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Depending on your budget.
I use to use an Wacom pad mini and draw on paper scan and paint using Wacom in photoshop on laptop.
Now I use an ipad with Apple Pencil to draw straight on the screen in a program Procreate.

I would love to see your work.

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I’ll see if I’ll upload any of my sketches.

iPad ey?? Is it better than Wacom?

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Yes, it is insanely accurate and precise - can do anything photoshop can - the process can be done all on the ipad from start to finish all in one app one tool - drawing straight on to the screen.

When I used Wacom tab plus computer - I had to start on pencil and paper first - scan it into photoshop to use Wacom and paint.

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Ok. It sounds like iPad is worth the buck. Too bad it’s expensive. I can get a Wacom pro for 200€. I’ll see what I’ll do, I’m not sure yet. I just bought a computer, an iPad feels excessive at the moment. I just hope I’ll start doing something creative again. I’m total noob to digital stuff.

Yeah - Ipad is a big price jump.

Definitely prioritize your needs.
I have all this equipment from doing art for work.
Now it really is hard to motivate myself to create art for myself.
I’m using this thread to force myself to create.
Maybe one day I will love it
or become better.


What program do you use? I use clip studio paint.

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Procreate 151515

I’m jealous! I’ve wanted to use procreate but I don’t have an ipad.

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