What do you get when you cross James Dean with George Bush?

A rebel without a clue.

I’m a democrat.


a good looking idiot ?
take care

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Ha Ha Ha. I’m a democrat too.

My favorite senior told me this joke:

George Bush was having some problems in the nation and he went to the National Gallery where he stood in front of the great portrait of Washington.

He stopped and asked, “If you were president today, what you would you do?”
Low and behold a voice Washington came down from the heavens and said- “Go to the people. With the way things are today, go to the people”

Well Bush doesn’t like the people and ignores this advice.

But then he stopped in front of the portrait of Jefferson and asked the same question. Low and behold, the voice of Jefferson rings out- “Go to the Congress. With the way things are today, go to the congress.”

Well he had no intention of doing that, so as he walked, he stopped in front of the portrait of Lincoln and asked the same thing.

The voice of Lincoln filled the hall. “You should go to the theater. With how your presidency has been, you should go to the theater.”

:wink: Sorry it’s so long.


Hum, brain-dead?
–democratic myself

Not bad. Try this one :

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Bush go on a special peace-keeping mission to N.Korea to convince them to stop their nuclear aspirations. But when they get there they are arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad.
So a N.Korean general puts Bill Clinton in front of a bare wall and gets his firing squad in place.
The N.Korean says, "Ready,… Aim,…But Clinton thinks fast and yells “Earthquake, Earthquake”!! and everybody panics and Clinton escapes in the confusion.
Next is Obama.
The N. Korean general says again , "Ready,… Aim…But Obama yells, “Flood! Flood”…and he also escapes in the confusion.Lastly is Bush.
The General says, "Ready, Aim…and Bush yells “Fire, Fire…”…


good one , Nick, I’m a democrat too…

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