What do you get when you cross George Bush with James Dean?

“A Rebel without a Clue”.


Remember gentlemen, flies spread disease…so keep yours closed.

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Why did you say that? People bugged Clinton for years.

We’re through. Don’t reply to any more of my posts. End of conversation.

Uh, well, karma.


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So you’re agreeing with something personally insulting because I made a comment about a public figure?

I’m not seeing how this is personally insulting to you unless you…

a) Have interns, and,
b) Have done naughty things to them.


Keep in mind that I hate all politicians except for the ones that I really hate.


Never mind pixel. I’ll drop it. I’m having a terrible day of feeling disrespected and other problems so I was little touchy. Everything’s cool.

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Ummm, I was just repeating a funny line I heard in a TV show. It wasn’t directed at anyone, I was just making a funny in what I found to be an initially funny thread. Sorry if it irked you, it was just meant to make anyone reading it smile. Not trying to step on your toes man.

OK, it’s all good. It was just me being too sensitive. I did the same thing to someone else. Sometimes it’s hard to tell intent and I thought you were stabbing me in the back. Sorry, I should have known better.

You get . Games Bean :blush:



James Deen.You get James Deen.:banana:

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