What Deodorant Do You Use?

Nothing I buy works. After three hours my shirt smells bad. :tshirt:

AXE Phoenix…

I use dove deodorant


I use Secret. I used to use different kinds of deodorant, but they gave me lumps in my armpits, which at first made me think I had cancer, but the doctor correctly diagnosed the problem. So I can’t really use anything else, or at least I would have to do it by trial and error.

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I use Almay for sensitive skin. It’s not very tough though. Mitchum worked well for my cousin.

i use deonat (crystal spray) it is 100% natural mineral salts, it is awesome i highly recommend it.
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Bear urine…


I’m allergic to almost every deodorant/antiperspirant. So I don’t use them. I use Jaguar cologne instead.

It smells SO good, and it lasts for days.



Ladies deo stopped working for most…seems regular stuff in most brands doesn’t apply enough to do any good & keep funky away. A friend suggested “Clinical Protection” of any of the deo brands which comes in a box & applies a gell…I use Suave which is $5 while Secret is $8. Suave works just fine but I go thru a package in 2 weeks.

This is gross but you could try washing under arms with rubbing alcohol on cotton balls, then try new deo brand. The smell is caused by bacteria and rubbing alcohol kills this…the cheap brands allow bacteria growth so changing deo without this step, may not have any effect for a while…Gross but good to know.

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Have you tried a combination of antiperspirant/deodorant?

I don’t wear deodorant and everybody makes way for me when I walk down a hall

Deodorant can just stop working for a woman. PH of sweat is related to hormone levels which change with age as a woman gets older. (My younger sister and I both had deodorants quit working for us at age 20 and 30. We both had to change brands at same time)…different brands of deo have different PH. Secret is different PH from Degree, Speed Stick, Suave…Another helpful bit of info on what to expect…Menopause happens in stages way earlier than 50s…hormone levels change, deo quits and you have to change brands.

@BakedBeans Since I’m not a girl, and I couldn’t imagine you wanting to walk around smelling like Old Spice, (what I use) I asked my sis what works well for her.

She uses Dove- “Go Fresh” . I guess they have citrus and rain and other scents. She says it works well when she’s jumping around teaching the exercise class on a hot moist pool deck near the steam room.

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I use Old Spice - I love the smell of it


Moon Drops by Revlon - but I prefer using scented lotion after a shower

I use Secret Clinical Strength in orange scent.

I’ve heard that Mitchum is long acting. It comes in unscented.

Bought Dove today. Works well so far. :blush:

Was told last Thursday I have a hormonal imbalance. Explains why Lady Speed stick does not work for me anymore.

Old spice… reminds me of these ads:

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