What country are you from and what state are from in the US

I was born in Santa ana California. Then I moved to Memphis Tennessee. Then I moved to North Carolina when I was 5 years old. I’ve lived ever since.


I am from Nepal…currently live in kirtipur …!!!


I was born in Denmark, then my parents moved to Norway when I was 3, and I moved back to Denmark when I was 20-ish.
So when people ask, I’m Danish/Norwegian.
Half my friends still live in Norway, and so does most of my immediate family. I speak both languages fluently, and I follow up on news from both countries.

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I grew up in Michigan, though I have also lived in the mid-Atlantic region (Philly, Baltimore) some as an adult. I am now back in the midwest, though I prefer not to say which exact state. I’m weird and paranoid like that.

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I am from Louisiana. Currently live there but I have also lived in Texas, Virginia, Florida, California and Japan for the most part. Spent some time in Illinois and North Carolina too.

born and raised in ny…go back and forth to NC which I’m currently at now.

I live in the country with in the country of the United States of America. I live in the Ozarks. The biggest part of the Ozarks are in Missouri. That is where I live.

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I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life

I live in Michigan in the USA.

I want to go to Hawia miss spelled just this country. For some reason I don’t want to travel to another country. I don’t know why but it makes me nervous. But if I had to chose it would Europe.

Born and raised in Florida; I’m middle eastern and I’ve lived in Jordan for a few years (I’m native bilingual English/Arabic).


I was born and still live in Rennes, France in Europe.

Romania in Europe and i never left the country so far, borned and raised here :slight_smile: :blush:

I’m from Scotland, but I now live in England. :slight_smile:

Michigan, USA!!!

Croatia, Europe.

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I was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia with my family at the age of 14.

Born in Ontario Canada but I left at a few months and never went back. I moved to Vancouver and stayed around that area for a while. When I was 10 I moved onto Vancouver island. Still visit my friends in the city though, I love going there.

I was born in Maryland, USA. But moved to California, USA when I was in my twenties. I’ve been here ever since. I like California much better than Maryland. I think there are more like minded people here. Plus, the weather is much better.

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I was born in Phoenix Arizona the land of dirt and sun And I still live here. It’s too warm right now though. I’m wearing shorts even though it’s almost winter save meeeeee.