What country are you from and what state are from in the US

I was born in England but have lived in Scotland since I was 2.

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Native California, born and raised.

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Born and lived in and near Brisbane Australia. Spent two years in New Orleans in the United States back in 2002-2004.


Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Lived here all my life. Beautiful city! :sunny:

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I live in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. Don’t believe what you hear about Omaha. We Omahan’s love it here.

I live in Australia

born and raised in eastern ky, part of the poorest region (appalachia) of the country. i live in a plateau region right next to the mountains, but my moms family originally came from the mountains. that area tends to lag behind the rest of the country, my mom said they were using black and white tvs in the 80s and it was more or less a third world region until the 40s

Which states…korieve…??

I am from England and live in England. But I did live in Los Angeles for 7 years. It was full of good and bad experiences. An exciting place to live but also hectic.

I am glad to be back to a semi-rural part of England now (Shropshire) getting lots of peace. Though sometimes the pace seems so slow after living there.

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