What color are my eyes?

I’m going to guess the same thing I did yesterday…grey or brown.

You could probably get more accurate guesses if you took a pic in bright lights.

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Everyone’s eyes look different with the flash on.

I’d say grey though.

It’s a fairly common eye color.

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I’d say purple or pink

lol. :rofl: . No, they look closest to brown. A light brown.

Lmao now that’s be unique

They’re green. A pale green, but green non the less.
I may post my eyes too.

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They look almost blue in the last pic.

Here’s mine. They are suppose to be blue but it can be hard to tell in pics.

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Lol. We all look quite creepy posing with wide open eyes like that.

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Your eyes look grey in that picture.

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Yeah, i dunno…they look blue in person.

My turn!


It looks green.


Thank you! I feel validated <3


Maybe the quality of camera makes a difference too. My current camera sucks…that’s one of the main reasons I’m getting a new phone.

Im gonna try one closeup on one eye like you did.

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Your’s is hard to tell due to the lighting. Like the picture is quite washed out. Try and take one in natural light in the day time.